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Well, you’ve stumbled across our little blog about beer. We are two friends united by brewing. From day one until now, we’ll share our adventures learning to homebrew, our favorite brews and everything beer related!

We met in Tampa and were instantly united by our love of beer. After finishing school, Sarah moved to Philadelphia and Jayson stayed in Tampa for work. One year later, we were reunited in the wonderful city of Washington, D.C. where we decided it was time to take our love of beer to the next level, brewing our own. By day, Sarah is a PR professional and Jayson is a C.P.A. for a small accounting firm. By night, we’re out on the town drinking, exploring the D.C. beer culture and planning our next brew-venture.

Cheers and Beers,

Sarah and Jayson
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Hipster Ariel. Had to do it. Sorry not sorry. 

Hipster Ariel. Had to do it. Sorry not sorry. 

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